The solution for real 3D ultrasound skin diagnostics.

for 22, 33, 50 or 75 MHz 3D-applicators

Key features

Penetration depth from 3.2 to 16 mmtl_files/gfx/DUBprofiD4W-3D/DUBprofiD4W3D_001.png

Max. axial resolution 21 µm at 75 MHz

2D scan width 12.8 mm linear (app. 33 µm step width)
3D scan volume 12.8 mm x 13 mm x penetration depth mm

Stand-alone computer system

Easy-to-operate DUB SkinScanner software with all major functionalities:
3D-B-Scan, B-Scan, RF-Mode, A-Scan, Sum-A
ScanLoop (2000)
7 color scales

Length, Area, Density, Width, Depth
Automatic skin thickness
Automatic skin density
Automatic epidermis thickness (50 and 75 MHz)

Personalizable: e.g. clinic or doctor's name


The DUBprofi D4W-3D is not being produced anymore.


tl_files/gfx/DUBprofiD4W-3D/DUBprofiD4W3D_002.pngSkin elasticity (Vacu Elasto Pump)